Famous for his TV3 series "Money Man" straight talking ex Royal Marine Commando, Brendon Johnson created Flower Power to bring the very best of today's technology to the commercial kitchen. Beyond that is his goal to promote a more sustainable future for the industry and our environment. Flower Power has already established a strong market positon, demonstrating good growth potential with new products being explored constantly.

About Us

Our products are sourced from the best possible sources to ensure quality and longevity. Typically, our canola oil lasts approximately 95% longer than 'budget' products.


Our vehicles are run on an environmentally sound bio-diesel mixture unsing recycled vegetable oil. This saves up to 80% on carbon output.


Our cleaning services are approved to NZ OSH standards for operator and public safety and health. 


All your oil needs are catered for in just one short visit, we deliver fresh oil, filter your vats, remove used oil for recycling and replace your range hood filters with clean ones.