Not cleaning your range hood  filters regularly is false economy, not only are dirty filters a very real fire hazard, they look bad, they smell bad and they allow grease to spread around your kitchen sticking to walls and ceilings leaving a tough cleaning job and a rancid odour. There is also evidence that clean air filters can help reduce air-borne carcinogens within the workplace.

We carry a stock of range hood filters based on the industry standard 495mm x 495mm stainless steel filters. Please order an exchange when you order your oils. 

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If your filters are looking tired and worn out Flower Power can supply brand new custom made filters at the right price. Clean and fresh filters give a great impression especially in an open kitchen. 


“I would rather die than stop using The Flower Power's Canadian canola oil!”

— Tony Astle, The owner/head chef of Antoine's Restaurant, Auckland