For the last thirteen years our Canadian Canola  Oil has proven to last longer and cook better than the other oils on the market here in NZ. In recent trials with three large customers in Auckland's Viaduct Harbour we tripled the life of one of our Australian rivals product. Although Canadian Canola oil is more expensive per litre than other oils it more than makes up for this by it's longevity and high quality. Many of our customers have used this oil for many years and chefs regularly take our products and services to their new establishments. There is good reason why many of the countries best chefs only use Flower Power Canadian Canola.


Flower Power oils have no cholesterol or trans fats and have just 5% saturated fat compared to approx 42% saturated fat levels found in other frying products! All of our fresh cooking oil is supplied in easy to handle 17.3-litre containers, these boxes are safe to stack three high. Weekly deliveries are available from the Bay of Islands in the north to Dunedin in the south.

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“I would rather die than stop using  Flower Power's Canadian canola oil...

— Tony Astle, Owner/Head chef of Antoine's Restaurant, Auckland