Key Benefits

Commercial benefits


For your commercial kitchen the benefits are considerable...


  • Longer life from your oil, a leading NZ chain restaurant achieves a 95% increase in lifespan with Flower Power oil.


  • The longer life in itself represents a 24% cost saving, a compelling reason to change to Flower Power.


  • Our staff can deliver your fresh oil, remove your used oil for recycling,, replace your range hood filters with clean ones, supply you with top quality kitchen chemicals and all in just one visit that takes less than 15 minutes.

Customer benefits


  • Fried food can be good for you, it's all about how it's done, follow the Heart Foundations guidelines for a healthy diet


  • Being pure vegetable oil our premium quality Canola has no cholesterol, no trans fats and less than half the fat of other frying products. 










OSH benefits


  • With regular visits and our innovative hood filter exchange program you can monitor both the fire safety and food safety  elements of your kitchens at the same time.


  • Our industrial cleaning service will ensure that the fire risk and health hazards are kept to a minimum whilst having the least impact on your kitchen's operation.

Environmental benefits


  • Our vehicles are powered by a Bio-Diesel mixture which reduces overall carbon emmissions by up to 80%.


  • Our safe removal and recycling of your waste oil is environmentally sustainable and economically sound