Oil Supply

Flower Power supplies thousands of litres of fresh cooking oil per year, offering only the very best quality products to meet the high standards that New Zealand’s professional chefs demand.


We assign a dedicated account executive to arrange your cooking oil delivery schedule, and it’s our policy that our customers should never run out of fresh cooking oil. If you do run out and it’s our fault, we guarantee to deliver enough to see you though until your next scheduled delivery, that's our promise!


Our long life oils provide health and financial benefits for you and your customers. Flower Power oils have no cholesterol or trans fats and has just 5% saturated fat compared to approx 42% saturated fat levels found in other frying products.


All of our fresh cooking oil is supplied in easy to handle  17.3 litre containers, i.e. a large plastic bottle in a box. These boxes are safe to stack three high.