Another great service that Flower Power provide is regular cleaning of commercial range hoods and ducting. We believe with this job it's what you can't see that matters, for as well as leaving your range hood and filters sparkling clean and polished we do the tough job of cleaning your ducting and fans properly. Cleaning your range hood and ducting systems regularly not only reduces risks of fire but also keeps the kitchen smelling fresh and clean.


Did you know  rancid fats and oil trapped in ducting system attract many unwanted pests …



Range hood cleaning is a  very important job that is best carried out by proffesionals we know how busy you are and that downtime is expensive. We maintain many restaurant systems through the night, we are fully insured, highly experienced and trusted by many of the best.


“I would rather die than stop using The Flower Power's Canadian canola oil!”

— Tony Astle, The owner/head chef of Antoine's Restaurant, Auckland