Restaurant Services

Range hood filter exchange program


Not cleaning your filters regularly is false economy, not only are dirty filters a very real fire hazard, they look bad, they smell bad and they allow grease to spread around your kitchen sticking to walls and ceilings leaving a tough cleaning job and a rancid odour. There is also evidence that clean air filters can help reduce air-borne carcinogens within the work place.

We carry a stock of range hood filters based on the industry standard 500mm x 500mm stainless steel filters. Please order an exchange when you order your oils

Commercial cleaning


Our dedicated team of cleaners will remove the oil and fat deposits from your hoods and ducting leaving them spotless and all at a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself. We are OSH accredited for the safe use of the chemicals involved and fully insured  for all associated risks. We have public and statutory liability insurance up to $2M (If your company requires more please inform us).