The Three R's

•    Reduce: Our oil lasts up to 95%  longer than "budget brands" of oil         and tallow

•    Re-use: Regular filtering of oil extends its life significantly

•    Re-cycle: Our oil gets recycled into Bio-Diesel saving on carbon                 output by up to 80%


Waste vegetable oil collection

The days of having several large dirty drums of waste oil outside your back door are finally over. This style of waste oil collection is both dangerous and difficult (these drums are usually surrounded by a slippery mess, a slipping hazard) and once you have put a funnel into them they are generally too high to lift a 20-litre pot of oil up to safely. This outdated collection method potentially causes even more spillage, a lifting hazard and also the fat and oil spills on site attracts rodents


How it works:

At Flower Power we ‘Drain and Contain’.

We supply clean white 20L metal pails with snap ring sealable lids, allowing you to ‘drain and contain’ your waste oil straight away.  These pails have a huge 280mm (11 inches) opening so there's a need for funnels or struggling to pour used oil into a drum hole measuring just 60mm wide. 


These pails can then be put aside (they easily stack two high)  and will be collected on the following oil delivery day. This saves you time, money and space to help you to manage Health and Safety in your kitchen.


We are currently introducing a purpose-built oil collection “ Wheely bins” imported from Germany


“I would rather die than stop using The Flower Power's Canadian canola oil!”

— Tony Astle, The owner/head chef of Antoine's Restaurant, Auckland